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Single Visit CEREC Crowns & Veneers

The Latest Buzz in Dentistry: Single-visit CEREC Crowns and Veneers

Some technological advances are small steps, and some are giant leaps that change the way we live and work. In dentistry, CEREC CAD-CAM technology has truly revolutionized the dental experience for both the dentist and the patient. Our office has been working with CEREC for three years now, and I want show you a little about how it may be an important solution for your dental problems or dental fears.

A Dental Restoration Story About My Dad:

My father retired from dentistry two years ago. Not long after, he had an accident and injured his two front teeth; the only problem with me fixing them is that he lives in Oregon. Soon after his accident, he had a one-day stopover at my home and asked me to help him out. Because I had the capability to use the CEREC system to fix his teeth, I was able to complete a root canal treatment and place a veneer and a crown on those teeth in one morning with absolutely beautiful results! He was so excited and impressed, saying that he wished he could come out of retirement because he saw how the CEREC system "would change the way I could do dentistry every day". His injured teeth were restored with very strong porcelain that perfectly matches his natural teeth. They are durable, fit perfectly, and have a beautiful polished surface that won't stain. Without CEREC, he would have had to wait two weeks wearing temporary dentistry that may have been leaky and sensitive; instead, he just read a book for about 45 minutes while we fabricated his crown and veneer in the office.

Besides not having a temporary for two weeks, what is the difference of a CEREC restoration?

Single-visit convenience is greatly appreciated by our clients, but the most important difference to me is that much more tooth structure can be preserved. If you have broken a cusp from a tooth, for example, that single cusp could be replaced without further destruction of good tooth structure. There are many other advantages:

  1. No goopy impression, no gagging, because a camera takes a virtual impression.
  2. People who need to be sedated can have work completed in one visit, even complicated crown or veneer work.
  3. The restorations are made of the best porcelain available and are extremely strong, durable, and beautiful.
  4. Because the teeth are immediately disinfected and sealed after they are prepared, there is very little sensitivity and discomfort, which is much more healthy for the pulp.

How do CEREC same day Crowns & Veneers work?

CEREC is a computerized drafting and milling system (CAD-CAM) which allows the dentist to take a virtual impression of your tooth with a special camera, instead of taking an impression. Then, using special software, the crown is designed for your tooth and according to your bite. That design is sent to a milling unit which mills or carves the restoration from a block of porcelain in less than 10 minutes. The restoration is checked for fit, then glazed in a special porcelain oven for 20 minutes. Finally, it is bonded to your tooth. Most of our restorations are made from Emax porcelain, a newer porcelain that has 3 times the strength of any previous porcelain, and has been shown to have the highest success rates against breakage of any tooth-colored crown options.

Patient Results - Don Larson, DMD Eagle, Idaho

Nearly all patients have been grateful for the increased ease and convenience, and many have commented that it was the easiest crown they have ever received! With the clinical success and precision fit that is achieved, CEREC restorations have become an important option to consider in today's dentistry.


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